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Cattle Slats

Cattle Slats

Moore Concrete manufacture a range of 178mm (7″) and 255mm (10″) deep Cattle Slats suitable for both beef and dairy cattle. Slats can aid hoof health by allowing slurry to drop quickly into the tank below, keeping the animals feet drier, reducing the environment which supports bacteria linked to lameness conditions such as digital dermatitis and slurry heel. Our gang slats are designed to ensure the optimum space to surface area ratio allowing animal waste to fall easily into the storage tank below. Ask our team about our Surefoot Slip Resistant Slats which provide 50% more grip than a conventional brushed finish. Our precast livestock suspended flooring systems incorporate, slats, cubicles, gangs, support beams and passage covers.


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Slat Range Types

Cattle Slats – suitable for dairy & beef cattle, the range includes

  • 180mm (7″)  standard gang slats with a 4.5 ton axle loading or heavy duty with up to 8 ton axle loading.
  • 255mm (10″) deep gang slats are also available and can provide an axle loading up to 10 ton.
  • Slats shorter than 3050mm (10′) are available with ends recessed to 150mm (6″) to match in with single slats.

Safety Slats – provides easy access to the slurry tank for all types of slurry mixing and pumping systems. Each slat features a slatted concrete and lockable galvanized safety grid below. Solid Manhole Slabs are ideal where the tank extends outside the shed to enable easy access to either mix or draw the slurry.

Multi Purpose Slats – Suitable for sheep, cows, pigs and calves.

Straw Bedded Slats – Designed for use in calving pens and areas where young or smaller stock is housed.

The gangs can also be manufactured with our Surefoot™ Slip Resistant surface on request.

Slats Key Benefits

  • designed to provide optimum space to surface ratio.
  • design aids smooth slurry flow with steep release angle design
  • 250mm (10″) has 6 bar profile to provide extra strength to facilitate use with modern day machinery
  • straw bedding slats have 8 bar profile to prevent the lose of straw through spacing

Cattle Slats

Cattle Slats Design & Handling Instructions

All slats are CE Marked and Manufactured to EN 12737, full specification is available in the Declaration of Performance.

Customers should lift and handle units either by under-slinging with web slings or lifting directly with appropriate mechanical lifting equipment, such as a telescopic handler. Lifting loops will correspond to the load being lifted. Slats should be laid on a smooth level surface. For more details please refer to our Storage and Handling Instructions.

Cattle Slats Example Projects

We have numerous livestock suspended flooring projects where we have supplied either Brushed Cattle Slats or our unique SurefootSlip Resistant Cattle Slats.

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Want More Information?

For further information regarding Cattle Slats please contact a member of our agri sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.