Moore Concrete is committed to managing the impact that its operations have on the environment. Environmental protection and prevention of pollution are at the core of our business goals. 

ISO 14001 is used as the basis for managing our environmental obligations and achieving internal environmental objectives and targets. These objectives are communicated throughout the company in order to increase environmental awareness.

We aim to develop products and services which have minimal environmental impact and safely fulfil their intended use. Our considerations will include spillage prevention, waste management, minimal resource consumption, and the introduction of energy-efficient practices.  Moore Concrete provides a framework for effective management of energy, demonstrating the company’s long-term commitment to reducing energy consumption.

We conduct and support assessment of the environmental impacts of new products and services before starting a new activity or project. We also work with suppliers and contractors to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment.

We measure our environmental performance by conducting regular environmental audits and assessments of compliance with this policy statement, legal and other relevant requirements.


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