A Precast Investment Boosts Stena Line’s Operational Efficiency at Belfast Port

A precast investment boosts Stena Line’s operational efficiency at Belfast Port

Stena Line’s Cairnryan terminal in Belfast is one of the UK’s busiest departure and arrival points for freight and passenger traffic.

Almost 500 lorries use the facility each day. It won’t come as a surprise to learn that running logistics efficiently is a tall order.

However, as is the case with most challenges of a complex nature, the simplest solution is usually the most effective!

Stephen Petticrew is Operations’ Manager with Stena Line. He takes up the story.

“Using lane indicators for the lorries is the most obvious way of directing traffic around the terminal.

“Previously, we tried plastic options. But these proved too light, being blown around by strong winds, even when filled with water, they were still prone to be moved out of position which caused confusion.

“What’s more, lorries could inadvertently knock against them. So, guess which object came off the worse from that type of altercation.”

Stephen continued;

“We needed to come up with indicators that would be much more durable, but also easily repositioned when needed.

“The solution had to be a free-standing structure capable of withstanding a bump from a lorry, one which would remain in place but could be quickly moved from one location to another within our terminal facilities.”

The answer came in the form of a precast solution, developed by Ballymena-based Moore Concrete.

The company developed a number of bespoke concrete barrier units, each weighing 1¼t and including a forklift recess for easy transportation. It was then a case of adding the required signage to complete the lane marking operation.”


Moore’s Conal McMahon was a recent visitor to Stena Line’s main terminal in Belfast Port.

He explained:

“The units can either be used singly or joined together to form a complete barrier. When approached by Stena Line, we felt we could offer a simple and effective solution to the problem faced, and we’re delighted to see the concrete barriers versatility being utilized.”


The Moore Concrete barrier units are suitable for use as permanent & temporary applications including blocking farm gateways, protection of vacant sites, channelling traffic, pedestrian seating and creating temporary boundaries, for example, car parks.

Built in forklift recesses manufactured in the Concrete Barriers allows for a fast and simple fitting process.

To date, Stena Line has procured a total of 74 of the precast units for use at its Victoria terminals in Belfast.

Stephen commented:

“We were able to streamline our loading and unloading process with the use of these concrete barriers, by having robust lane indicators in place our vehicles no longer need to stop while working.

This has transformed our  efficiency levels increasing to over 80% – which is remarkable for an operation of this scale and a great return on investment.”

For further information, contact Moore Concrete on (028) 2565 2566.

January 2024

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