Slurry Channel System

Slurry Channel System

Moore Concrete manufacture the complete concrete slurry channel system consisting of precast slurry channels and complimenting diagonal slats.

Our Slurry Channel Units are designed to accommodate the flow of slurry to, or between storage tanks. Slurry Channels rely on the force of gravity to ensure free flow of slurry thus reducing the need for mechanical scraping systems. This also eliminating the need for agitation of slurry inside the shed.

Precast Concrete Slurry Channel

Our Slurry Channel helps reduce or eliminate mechanical manure handling and the need for agitation of slurry. You can be assured this is manufactured from high strength concrete for a durable smooth finish.

For further information regarding Slurry Channel System Please contact a member of our agriculture Sales Team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1
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Slurry Channel Dimensions

800 500 2400 1100
1000 1000 2350 1700
1500 1000 2400 2240

Moore Concrete are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high quality precast building products. Care should be taken to ensure that loading capabilities are never exceeded throughout construction or the slurry channel’s lifespan. Please speak to a member of our agri sales team for advice on which slurry channels and covers are most suitable for specific applications.

Precast Channel Diagonal Slats & Solid Covers

Diagonal gang slats are available to suit all channels in tractor and cattle bearing strengths and are ideal for scraper systems. Diagonal slats provide the ideal solution for rapid slurry removal as their design allows for the scraper  to be used vertically or horizontally. The angle of the gap is against the slurry flow, allowing it to easily enter the channel below.

Precast Channel Diagonal Slats & Solid Covers Moore Concrete

CB- Cattle Bearing up to 800kg
TB- Axle Loading up to 4.5 ton
HDa- Axle Loading up to 6.5 ton
HDb- Axle Loading up to 10.0 ton

Slurry Channel System Dimensions

All Slurry Channels are CE Marked & Manufactured to EN 13255, full specification is available within our Declaration of Performance.
Slurry Channels are designed by Chartered Structural Engineers in accordance with BS8110 part 1 and BS5502 Part 22.

On delivery to site Moore Concrete recommends:
Offloading and storage is done safely on firm level ground, by competent persons.
Slurry channels are stacked no higher than 3 units high.
Timber skids must be provided between each unit.
Customers can lift and handle slurry channels using a forklift.
2 M16 sockets are cast into the top edge of the units also for use lifting and handling.
Lifting loops corresponding to the load being lifted can be supplied by Moore Concrete on request.
Loops must not be used with an angled lift less than 45 degrees, this may require the use of a spreader beam.
Full Storage and Handling Instructions are available in the attached document.

For further information regarding Slurry Channels please contact a member of our Agri sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.

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