Slurry Channel

Moore Concrete manufacture Slurry Channel Units to accommodate the flow of slurry to, or between storage tanks. Our Slurry Channel Unit relies on the force of gravity to ensure free flow of slurry thus reducing the need for mechanical scraping systems, and eliminating the need for agitation of slurry inside the shed.


Slurry Channel Key Benefits

  • Fast and easy installation, slurry channels can be laid quickly using slings
  • Safe steady flow of slurry or waste materials with splayed corners and smooth surface of precast channels.
  • Channels fit neatly together with a tight joint formed by using a spigot and socket system.
  • Water tight seal can be achieved using polyurethane sealer if required.
  • Complete slurry management system, can be easily constructed with channels designed to work in-conjunction with connections to stores, tanks, slats and solid covers etc
  • Range of 3 slurry channel sizes are available from 800mm to 1500mm wide.
  • Various covers for slurry channels are available to maximise flexibility
    • Diagonal slats can be used in combination with 800mm and 1000mm wide channels
    • Solid cover can be used in combination with any channels
    • Cattle slats can be used in combination with 1500mm wide channels
  • Diagonal slats can be cattle bearing or tractor bearing (7 ton axle load).
  • Diagonal slats are idea for use with scrapper systems
  • Reduced need to agitate manure inside farm buildings with material transferred using the slurry channels.
  • Precast ends and outlet holes are available if required.

Slurry Channel Design & Sizes

Care should be taken to ensure that loading capabilities are never exceeded, either during construction or slurry channels lifespan.  Please speak to a member of our agri sales team to advise at the design stage what slurry channels are must suitable for specific applications.

Slurry Channel Installation & Delivery Considerations

All Slurry Channels are CE Marked & Manufactured to EN 13255, full specification is available within our Declaration of Performance. The Slurry Channels are designed by Chartered Structural Engineers in accordance with BS8110 part 1 and BS5502 Part 22.

On delivery to site Moore Concrete recommends

  • offloading and storage is done safely on firm level ground, by competent persons.
  • slurry channels are stacked no higher than 3 units high.
  • timber skids must be provided between each unit.
  • customers can lift and handle slurry channels by using a forklift.
  • 2 M16 sockets are cast into the top edge of the units also for use lifting and handling.
  • note lifting loops corresponding to the load being lifted can be supplied by Moore Concrete on request.
  • loops must not be used with an angled lift less than 45 degrees, this may require the use of a spreader beam.
  • full Storage and Handling Instructions are available in the attached document.Slurry Channel Handling Moore Concrete

Slurry Channel Example Projects

We have numerous examples of projects using Slurry Channels a number of which are included below.

Draynes Farm, Lisburn
Terrig Morgan, Wales
Gregg Smyth, Ballycastle

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Want More Information?

For further information regarding Slurry Channels please contact a member of our agri sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.