Cubicle Bases and End Walls

Moore Concrete’s livestock suspended flooring range includes both single and double sloping Cubicle Bases as well as Cubicle End Walls.

Single Cubicle bases are manufactured  from 2135mm (7ft) to 2745mm (9ft) in length.  The Double Sloping Bases range in length from 4270mm (14ft) to 5485mm (18ft).  The Cubicle Bases are designed to be easily suspended above the tank with no need for floor slabs, optimising slurry storage underneath.

Cubicle End Walls are manufactured in both right and left configurations to suit both ends of the cubicle row and incorporate half a Cubicle Base. These provide a sturdy, cost effective and long term solution to close off a row of cubicles.

Both the Cubicle Bases and End Walls are CE Marked – Manufactured to EN 13747.
Declaration of Performance
Storage and Handling Instructions – Cubicle Bases
Storage and Handling Instructions – Cubicle End Walls

For further information please contact a member of our agricultural sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.

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