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Water Trough

Concrete Water Troughs

A comprehensive range of quality concrete Water Troughs ranging from 15 Gallon (68 litres) to 500 Gallon (2270 litres) is available. This range of sizes provides suitable water troughs for sheep or any size of beef or dairy cattle. Within the range there are a number of different designs creating solutions that are suitable for use in external or internal setting.


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Concrete Water Troughs Key Benefits

  • Concrete Water Troughs are robust and therefore will not lose their shape or be pushed around by livestock.
  • Designed for animal safety with rounded corners both internally and externally, including the base. They have often been described as being bath-shaped.
  • Rounded corners enhance the strength of Water Troughs, especially against cracking during adverse weather.
  • Extensive range of water troughs are designed to be suitable for sheep and cattle of various sizes and herd requirements.
  • Easy draining as all water troughs have a 49mm rubber bung, positioned in the side wall.
  • Extra Protection for Ballcocks which are mounted onto a plate which is fixed to the side of the trough.
  • Easy of access to Ballcocks with removable insert in lids of 40, 75, 150,300 & 500 gallon troughs.
  • Extra protection for Water Pipes as they are recessed in the back or top rim of troughs
  • Either conventional & fast flow ballcocks are suitable.
  • Suited to any indoor or outdoor location.
  • Specifically designed In House Trough available.

Want More Information?

For further information regarding Water Troughs please contact a member of our agri sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.

Concrete Water Troughs Range and Dimensions

Water Troughs Applications

Our water trough range is specifically designed to provide drinkers for animals.
Although our customers have used our Water Troughs in a number of unique applications including as a dog swimming pool at a local vets, as flower planters and a drinks cooler at outside events.

Water Troughs Installation & Delivery

Our Water Troughs are manufactured in compliance with BS 3445 and comply with WRAS Regulations.

Water Troughs Stockists

We always strive to retain a full stock holding of our extensive range at our premises outside Ballymena, Co. Antrim N.Ireland.

Our Water Trough range is also available from agricultural merchants throughout the UK and Ireland.  Click below for full list of stockists.

Concrete Water Trough Stockists

Water Troughs Brochure

Concrete Water Trough Brochure

New Galvanised Lid


Moore Concrete are delighted to announce the latest in their new innovative product development within the drinking trough range, a new Galvanised Lid. The new Galvanised lid applies to a range of our large drinkers including the 40G, 75G, 150G, 300G and 500G. A key benefit of our new Galvanised Lid is that it has a reduced weight, meaning that it is lighter and easier to handle.