Concrete Water Troughs

Concrete Water Trough

Concrete Water Troughs provide a robust solution to ensure livestock have access to an adequate supply of good quality drinking water.  This is crucial for animal welfare and to ensure this vital resource is plentiful to maximise productivity.

According to CAFRE, dairy cows require five litres of water for every litre of milk produced. As about half of the herd’s daily water requirement is consumed after each milking it is important to consider this when calculating trough capacity requirements in conjunction with water flow rates to meet this demand. Any restriction in water supply will affect milk yield.

Water Trough Range includes Field & In House Options

Moore Concrete manufacture a comprehensive range of quality precast concrete Water Troughs  also known as drinkers ranging from 15 Gallon (68 litres) to 500 Gallon (2270 litres). This range of sizes provides suitable water troughs for all livestock including sheep or any size of beef or dairy cattle.

Our concrete water trough range consists of a number of different designs including single and double concrete troughs creating solutions that are suitable for use in both external and internal settings across the farm.

Our Concrete Water Troughs are designed with animal safety as the priority. The internal and external rounded corners allow for comfort of use. This product provides a quality drinking facility that is durable and can withstand any movement by live stock.


For further information regarding Concrete Water Troughs Please contact a member of our agriculture Sales Team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1
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Concrete Water Trough Dimensions

Capacity Length
Weight (kg) Type
68 Ltrs (15 gal) 970 600 370 220 Single
90 Ltrs (20 gal) 1170 600 370 260 Single
205 Ltrs (45 gal) 2000 600 370 420 Single
180 Ltrs (40 gal) 1490 670 410 420 Double
340 Ltrs (75 gal) 1540 770 520 520 Double
680 Ltrs (150 gal) 1890 920 610 760 Double
1365 Ltrs (300 gal) 2400 1200 800 1400 Double
2270 Ltrs (500 gal) 4000 1200 800 2180 Double
455 Ltrs (100 gal) 2135 675 700* 1050 Cubicle

Concrete Water Trough Dimensions

Moore Concrete are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high quality precast building products. The table above shows our range of concrete water troughs ranging from 68 Ltrs (15 gal) to 2270 Ltrs (500 gal).


Concrete Water Trough Delivery

Our Concrete Water Trough are manufactured in compliance with BS 3445 and comply with WRAS Regulations.

For further information regarding our Concrete Water Trough  or In House Water Troughs please contact a member of our Agri sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1

  • Concrete Cattle Drinker

  • Our concrete water trough range is specifically designed to provide drinkers for animals.

  • Our customers have used our Concrete Water Trough in a number of unique applications including as a dog swimming pool at a local vets, as flower planters and a drinks cooler at outside events.

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