Box Culverts

Box Culverts

Precast concrete Box Culverts are supplied in single or multiple runs and are extremely versatile. Box Culverts are commonly used to create drainage and water management solutions, tanks, underpasses, tunnels and shafts.

Each Box culvert can be individually designed either by Moore Concretes design team or from direct customer specifications.


For further information regarding Box Culverts Please contact a member of our civil Sales Team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 3
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  • Box Culvert units are available in lengths up to 2m
  • Internal Width as standard 1m to 5m or as required
  • Internal Height as standard 0.5m to 2.5m or as required
  • Full table of sizes available in brochure below to download

To facilitate Moore Concretes design team, customers are required to provide the following information;

    • Internal width and internal height
    • Total Length
    • Minimum and maximum fill depth above culvert
    • Surface loading (HA, HB, Field, Railway or other load)
    • Delivery Location
    • Intended use
    • Any special requirements
Delivery & Install Options

Box Culverts are CE Marked & Manufactured to EN 14844, full specification available in the Declaration of Performance

Box Culverts are manufactured to allow the use of spherical head anchors or threaded socket lifters for lifting.
On delivery to site Moore Concrete recommends:

  • they are lowered onto a firm level base
  • they are moved by lifting and never by dragging
  • in cold weather, open lifting sockets or protected from freezing and bursting

Preparing the trench keeping to the specified line and gradient, the trench should be excavated to a width equal to the Box Culvert width plus about 600mm, with a flat well prepared base.

Joints maybe left open in certain cases but a preformed strip compressed within the joint is commonly used. The strip should be applied to the Box Culvert just before it is laid in the trench.

A Box Culvert line is usually laid from the downstream end with sockets facing upstream to receive the next Box Culvert to be laid.

When a preformed strip is used, joints are closed by pulling against the Box Culverts previously laid.

Back filling should commence as soon as possible after the culverts have been laid.

For detailed guidance on installation and delivery please refer to our Storage and Handling Instructions  document.
For detailed guidance on site practice published by the Box Culvert Association click here 

For further information regarding Box Culverts please contact a member of our civils sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 3

Our precast Box Culverts can be delivered to any part of the UK and Ireland.

  • Creation of Water Courses

  • Attenuation & Storage Tanks – please click for additional information.

  • Channels

  • Pedestrian & Vehicle Subways

  • Storm & Foul Sewers

  • Road Crossings

  • Conveyor Protection

  • Escape Tunnels

  • Sea & Hydro Outfalls

  • Pipe Replacement

  • Shafts

  • Caisson Units

  • Cattle Underpass units provides farmers with the ideal solution to herding cattle across busy roads. The typical size of a cattle underpass for small to medium cow herds is 3.0m (10′) wide x 2.1m (7′) high. Larger or smaller cattle underpasses are also available.

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