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Prestressed Wall Panels

Prestressed Wall Panels

Prestressed Wall Panels are designed for speed of installation, strength, durability and versatility. Our Concrete Horizontal Wall Panels come in a wide range of sizes and depths meaning they are suitable for a variety of applications; from forming walls in livestock buildings to the retention of bulk materials.



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Prestressed Wall Panel Key Benefits

  • Speed of installation – prestressed panels are delivered on site for immediate use.
  • Quick & Easy to install – reducing construction time.
  • Panels can be erected regardless of the weather making them a effective solution throughout the year.
  • No Foundation Required
  • Cost effective solution -with the reduced requirement for on site labour proving substantial savings.
  • Flexibility – prestressed panels can be re-sited creating an future proof solution allowing buildings to be adapted in the future, unlike traditional block work.
  • Easy Alignment and space for sealer to create a water proof bond -enhanced through the prestressed panels tongue & groove joint design with chamfered ends.
  • Lifting sockets in the tongue of prestresseed panels facilitates installation.
  • High strength robust solution – prestressed panels have a much higher resistance to loading and cracking than ordinary reinforced panels. Making it easier for prestressed panels to absorb minor accidental damage.
  • Double or single load bearing – prestressed panel options available depending on application required.
  • Low maintenance – prestressed panels have a smooth impervious surface that are quickly and easily cleaned.
  • Higher Degree of Fire Resistance than most other building materials.
  • Tax Relief maybe available on prestressed wall panels please consult your accountant.
  • Versatility – we manufacture a wide range of prestressed panels with various heights, depths and lengths depending on the application. The table below provides a guide to prestressed wall panel heights and depths.
  • Our concrete mix does not contain limestone aggregate, conforming to requirements stipulated by some planning applications.

Panel Table

  • Made to measure – panels are manufactured in standard lengths, however they can also be manufactured to order.  The Panels are individually labelled allowing for easy identification, aiding high speed erection.

Prestressed Wall Panels

Prestressed Wall Panel Applications

  • Agricultural Livestock Buildings
  • Cattle Crush
  • Feed Barrier
  • Commercial Buildings – warehousing and distribution, recycling, bulk storage
  • Storage Bunkers – silage, salt, fertilizer, feed stuff, grain, aggregate, coal
  • Balling Walls

Prestressed Panels Installation & Delivery Installations

Precast prestressed walls panels for retaining materials and for walling are manufactured to EN 14992, full specification is available within our Declaration of Performance. The prestressed wall panels are designed by Chartered Structural Engineers in accordance with BS8110 part 1 and BS5502 Part 22.

On delivery to site Moore Concrete recommends

  • offloading and storage is done safely on firm level ground, by competent persons
  • lifting eyes cast into the top edge of the units should be used for lifting and handling
  • note lifting loops corresponding to the load being lifted can be supplied by Moore Concrete on request
  • loops must not be used with an angled lift less than 45 degrees
  • panels can be erected regardless of the weather making them a effective solution throughout the year.


  • units are installed level and free from dirt and debris
  • 3 different fixing options are available for use with RSJ’s
    • Bolted to the inside face- note brackets can be used to secure panels to the face for RSJ’s
    • Bottled to the outside face
    • Slotted in between RSJ’s
  • We also manufacture precast concrete H-Posts as a replacement to traditional steel work, which are suitable for creating dividing walls in silos. These posts allow panels to easily slot in between them and offer more resistance to silage effluent than their steel rivals.
  • For full Storage and Handling Instructions please refer to additional documents attached

Prestressed Panels Example Projects

We have numerous examples of projects using Prestressed Wall Panels for various applications, a few are included below;


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Want More Information?

For further information regarding Prestressed Wall Panels please contact a member of our agri sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.