Free Standing L Walls

Free Standing Concrete Retainer ‘L’ Walls

Free Standing Concrete L shaped Retaining Walls are ideal to create storage bays and temporary divides for the bulk storage of materials such as silage, feedstuffs, coal or aggregates.


L Shaped Concrete Retainer Walls

Our Free Standing Concrete Walls can be easily manoeuvred allowing for easy installation without needing to be fixed to the ground. This product is ideal for creating storage bays and temporary walls for holding materials such as grain, silage, scrap, waste and more.

L Shaped Concrete Retaining Walls are often referred to as L Walls due to the shape of their design. Other precast concrete storage solutions include Bunker Walls and Prestressed Wall Panels.

For further information regarding Free Standing L Walls Please contact a member of our agriculture Sales Team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1
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Free Standing Concrete Wall Dimensions

2425 (8’) 1219 1000 1260
3000 (10') 1700 1000 2030
4000 (13') 2150 1000 3000

Moore Concrete are proud to be one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high quality precast building products. L Walls are also available in heights of 5.0m (16’5”) and 6.0m (20’) more information available on request. The above table showcases the range of lengths and types of free standing Concrete Panels we create to suit your needs.

Free Standing Concrete Retainer Wall Installation & Delivery

Free Standing Concrete Retainer Walls are CE Marked – Manufactured to EN 15258.

Moore Concrete free standing retaining walls are designed by Chartered Structural Engineers in accordance with EN1992:1-1 and BS5502 Part 22 2003. Please see Declaration of Performance for further information.

Free standing concrete panel retaining walls are shipped on their sides due to height restrictions and for stability.
There are 2 sockets cast into the side of the unit to facilitate offloading. Lifting loops can be supplied by Moore Concrete.
If using a fork truck an approved fork mounted hook attachment should be used. This mounted hook should be secured to the forks to prevent movement. If fork toes are not available an approved spreader beam should be used for use with a hiab, crane or digger.
The units should be laid safely on the ground on timber skids/lathes to prevent damage to the unit.
Lifting Loops will correspond to the load being lifted. Loops can be subjected to a diagonal lift up to 45°.

For full installation and handing guidance please refer to Storage and Handling Instructions.

For further information regarding please contact a member of our Agri Sales Team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.

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