Precast panels – the walling option of choice on Broughshane dairy farm

Precast panels – the walling option of choice on Broughshane dairy farm

Like many other milk producers across Northern Ireland, Broughshane producer Stephen Simpson recognises the significance of making the right investment decisions for the farm. Currently milking 130 cows with his father Robert, the family-owned herd is averaging 8,000L with good fat and protein levels.

The father and son team are fully aware of the need to provide their stock with the maximum levels of comfort at all times. With this in mind, they recently completed a new shed for their dry cows and bulling heifers.

“It really was a case of providing more room and comfort for the stock on the farm. The new facility also provides more space for the milking group on the farm,” said Stephen.

The new shed, which is now completed, is 60’ long and 40’ wide. 

One of the biggest decisions taken by the Simpsons related to the type of walling system they would use on the new house.

“It really wasn’t a difficult choice to make at the end of the day. We wanted to get the job done as quickly as possible. But we didn’t want to compromise on the quality of the finished building,” Stephen explained.

“Given these circumstances, selecting the precast wall panels manufactured by Moore Concrete was the obvious choice to make.

“We had worked with the company before and were very satisfied with the quality of their products. Once the RSJs for the new building were in place, the panels were slotted into position within a very short space of time.

“The quality of finish on the panels is such that the finished building also has a very high aesthetic value.”

Designed for speed of installation, Moore Concretes prestressed wall panels are supplied ready for immediate use, with delivery and installation in this case, completed in less than 2 days. 

Wall panel systems offer significant time and cost savings over traditional methods. There is no need for foundations, as the panels can rest on the post foundation or on a landing bracket.

Available in a choice of thickness, 100, 150, 200 and 250mm depending on the application.  Each prestressed wall panel is manufactured to the highest quality standards and bears CE Marking.  

Moore Concrete’s Andrew Moore was a recent visitor to the Simpson farm.


“Our panels are available in 600, 1000, 1200 and 1500mm heights. They are joined together using a tongue and groove system. The length of each panel can be adjusted to suit individual requirements,” he said.

“Moore Concrete panels can be used in the building of structural walls, silos and for livestock or general-purpose buildings. The panels are supplied with a smooth finish, which can be easily cleaned. 

Andrew concluded:

“The wall panels are clipped to or slotted in between the RSJ beams.”

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