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Concrete Fence Posts

We manufacture Concrete Fence Posts for use in conjunction with timber and wire.

They are available in 4′ and 5′ widths and lengths up to 7′ 6.  Note bespoke lengths can be manufactured on request.


Concrete Fence Posts Key Benefits

  • Robust, durable option for fencing projects
  • Low maintenance solution—doesn’t require treating   or staining
  • Not susceptible to the affects of moisture meaning no risk of ground rot
  • Uniform finish along the fencing line
  • Holes are preformed so no need for drilling


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Ferrard Meadows Fence Posts Moore Concrete
Fence Post for Wire with Struts Moore Concrete

Fast Drying Concrete Post Mix

Fast drying concrete post mix helps to reduce labour and increase efficiency on site. It is ideal for construction and DIY projects including fixing concrete, metal & wooden fence posts. Once set, it can be covered with earth, grass or decorative aggregate as required.

  • Key Features
    • 20kg bag
    • setting time 5-10 minutes
    • high quality, reduced labour, less wastage

Want More Information?

For further information regarding Concrete Fence Posts please contact a member of our building sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 2. Delivery available throughout the UK & Ireland.

Concrete Spurs

The ideal solution for strengthening a fence without replacing it.

Installation steps:

  1. Dig a hole beside timber post
  2. Insert the concrete spur
  3. Bolt the spur into the timber post
  4. Use Post10 to cement your post into the ground

QuikFence Concrete Fence Posts & Panels

These posts are slotted to accommodate concrete gravel boards and/or timber fencing with no drilling or bolting required.

Gravel boards are 1830mm long x 300mm wide x 40mm thick with 50mm thick ends.

Random rock faced boards also available (single sided).

QuikFence Sizing Table - Moore Concrete

Three Way Post

Three Way Post - QuikFence - Moore Concrete

Intermediate Post

Intermediate Post - QuikFence - Moore Concrete

Corner Post

Corner Post - QuikFence - Moore Concrete

End Post

End Post - QuikFence - Moore Concrete

“We have a very close working relationship with Moore Concrete, they are a professional company who are a pleasure to work with. Their name is continually improving in the GB market.”

Dianne Harrison from MJ Harrison Supplies, Ayrshire, Scotland.


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