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Ox Strain Post

Ox Strain Posts

Newly developed reinforced concrete Ox Strain Posts are octagonal shaped strainer posts ideal for agricultural fencing. Regardless of ground conditions, Ox Strain Posts provide a durable, strong, maintenance free, fencing solution with a 50 year design.

Ox Strain posts are designed to be used alongside our new Ox Post to create a durable, strong, maintenance free fencing solution. Combined Ox Strain and Ox Post create an extremely aesthetically pleasing finish when used on the same fencing project.

Crosby Cleland, of Co Down-based Crosby Cleland Fencing & Gates, recently assessed a number of the posts in situ. He commented
“The fact that the new posts are 8ft6 in length should prove popular with both farmers and contractors. Most of the other options on the market at the present time are seven feet only in length. The new posts are also very well designed and made to last.”
“Ground conditions can vary a lot in Northern Ireland, from very mossy sites, through to the highest quality mineral soils. The good news is that the new Ox Strain Posts can be used in all conditions. High quality fencing is important, when it comes to delivering higher levels of grassland management and utilisation. There is a growing demand for new fencing on farms right across Northern Ireland at the present time. The new posts have been launched at exactly the right time.”

David Junkin another local fencing contractor further commented “We are using a significant number of the new strainers at the moment. What I like about them is the fact that they are built to last and they can be put in with a normal post driver. What’s more, the 8-sided design means that the new posts have tremendous grip in the ground. They do not twist when the pressure is applied to get the required tension in the wire.”


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Ox Strain Post Key Benefits

  • reinforced concrete provide durability and strength
  • 50 year design life
  • unaffected by ground conditions
  • no maintenance
  • the Ox Strain Post’s design creates 8 flat sides, making the post easier to handle and transport
  • flat sides allow timber batons to be easily bolted to them, allowing wire to be stapled directly to the post
  • each Ox Strain Post is identical with a pointed end, making them easy to install
  • specially designed top hat allows installation using most standard mechanical equipment
  • the hexagonal shape make the Ox Strain Post’s easier to grip when using machinery to drive into the ground reducing twisting
  • once installed the octagonal shape prevents to post from turning and loosing wire tension
  • the circular nature of the octagonal shape allows wire to be easily wrapped around the post 
  • M16 sockets are cast into the top of the Ox Strain Posts, for ease of handling
  • the Ox Strain’s conformity results in an aesthetically pleasing finish to the completed fence
  • notches for struts are cast into four sides at two different heights as standard for extra stability
  • range of lengths for various ground conditions including 3050mm (10′), 2590mm (8’6″), 2135mm (7′)
  • Ox Strain Post is Registered Trade Mark with a EU Registered Design No. 004379535-0001
  • Ox Strain Post & Strut eligible for Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) NI funding.

Ox Strain Post

Ox Strain Post Application

Ox Strain Concrete Octagonal Strainer Posts idea for fencing requirements.

They can also be used as posts to hang gate posts.

Ox Strain Post Installation & Delivery Conditions

The video below provides a guide of installation using mechanic equipment to drive the Ox Strain Posts into the ground. This video includes a top hat placed on top of the Ox Strain Post to protect the post when driving it in.  Image of Steel Top Hat with cushioning rubber below.

For information on Top Hats and any other queries on Ox Strain Posts please call a member of our Agricultural Team for further details on 028 2565 2566 Ext 1.

Ox Strain Posts Standard Product – Length 2440mm (8′) x Base 200mm(8″) x 200mm(8″) x Top 200mm(8″) x 200mm(8″)

Ox Strain Struts – Length 2135mm (7′) x Base 75mm(3″) x 75mm(3″) x Top 75mm(3″) x 75mm(3″)

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Want More Information?

For further information regarding Ox Strain Posts please contact a member of our agri sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.