Scotland’s Agri-Environment Climate Scheme 2024 – Slurry Storage – Applications NOW OPEN!

Scotland’s Agri-Environment Climate Scheme 2024 – Slurry Storage – Applications NOW OPEN!

2024 Agri-Environment Climate Scheme – Slurry Storage


The 2024 Agri-Environment Climate Scheme application round is now open. See the key details below:



The aim of the grant is to improve water quality and help mitigate climate change by ensuring sufficient slurry storage is available on a farm for the equivalent livestock units.


Key Points:

  • The AECS Slurry Storage option is available across the whole of Scotland – aside from areas designated as Nitrate Vulnerable Zones.


  • Any business currently housing livestock on a slurry-based system with less than 6 months storage capacity is eligible.


  • Any business that has previously received funding for slurry storage under the Rural Priorities Scheme is now eligible to apply for AECS slurry storage funding.


  • However, priority will be given to first time applicants in the event of budget constraint.


  • Grant aid is not available for slatted tanks.


  • Successful applicants to AECS Slurry Storage in 2024 will be issued with contracts from May 2024. The expectation is that work must be completed and claimed by the 31 March 2025. There is no ability to defer the work to a future financial year.


  • For 2024, applicants must use the excel based slurry storage calculator and guidance provided on the slurry storage page which can be found here:



Key Dates:

  • Slurry Storage applications: 15th February – 19th April 2024



Payments will be based on the following standard costs:

  • £20 per cubic metre capacity created. Funding will be restricted to a maximum 2000 cubic metres of storage.
  • Associated equipment for above ground storage tanks:
    • Base drainage sealed pipe assembly to external discharge including double lockable sluice valves – £1,250
    • Galvanised ladder and platform: £1,100
    • Fixed over-rim riser pipe with jetting nozzle and terminal connection: £1,900
    • Tractor-driven slurry pump and associated pipe, assemblies and connections with shaft and mounting: £4,000



The Scottish Environment Protection Agency will inspect:

  • Slurry storage facilities meet the building design requirements of The Water Environment Amendment Regulations 2021.
  • The volume of additional storage.
  • Any ancillary equipment i.e sluice valves, ladders, pumps etc.
  • The works were notified to SEPA 30 days prior to construction commencing and the engineers sign off certificate is present
  • Building warrants have been obtained if necessary.


Moore Concrete Above Ground Slurry Stores

Moore Concrete’s Above Ground Slurry store qualifies for AECS grant funding along with our Slurry Channel System.

We offer a complete manufacture, deliver & fit service with our Slurry Stores. Here are some key points:

  • Available in three heights (4m, 5m & 6m) offering capacities of up to 1m gallons (4,700m3)
  • Supply of a soft cover can be included on initial installation or can be retro fitted if necessary.
  • Compliant with NVZ & storing silage, slurry and agricultural fuel oil regulations.
  • Precast concrete store elements are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Post tensioned cables are encased in a greased PVC sheath

Checkout the full brochure here  and get in touch with any queries.


Key Links:

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