Precast Concrete Panels Vs Shuttering

Precast Concrete Panels Vs Shuttering

Prestressed Panels vs Shuttering

Should I go with precast concrete or shuttering? That is the question faced by farmers when the time comes to invest in new sheds, silos, stores, livestock housing….the list goes on.

The main factors that constantly prevail are:

  1. Quality
  2. Time on site
  3. Longevity
  4. Versatility


Why Precast?


Precast concrete is factory made, which means factory quality!

At Moore Concrete all of our panels are checked strenuously by our Quality Control and Quality Assurance teams before leaving the factory to ensure high standards are maintained from one panel to the next.

We operate a full Quality Management System in full compliance with ISO 9001.


Time on site

With precast concrete there is no on-site form work.

Precast panels arrive on site ready to be installed. All you need to do is have the ground prepared and the steel beams in place, our install team can take care of the rest.

Using precast panels also makes the progress of the project less weather dependent.

This means less time & cost on labour, less space required for equipment and material and an

all-round faster build.



Moore Concrete’s prestressed panels are built to last.

As previously mentioned, precast concrete is manufactured in a factory, a big advantage of this is the curing process takes place in a controlled environment. By controlling the curing process, we can ensure that our panels are all of a consistent strength, finish & durability.



Precast concrete panels can be manufactured to a wide variety of sizes, depths and lengths depending on application.  A big plus with installing panels is that they can be moved to allow for expansion or simply for use on another location, allowing you to future proof your farm buildings.



Our prestressed panels are designed with a tongue & groove which can be sealed to improve a completely waterproof bond.


Overall, Moore Concrete precast concrete panels offer a high quality, robust and fast solution for any building requirements on the farm. They can be manufactured in a wide range of heights, depths and lengths to suit your specific needs.

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