How efficiently are you feeding your stock?

How efficiently are you feeding your stock?

Providing livestock with sufficient feed, space and trough capacity is an essential requirement if animals are to maximise performance. In modern dairy housing systems, it is now taken as a fundamental rule of thumb that all animals should have access to adequate feed at all times. The same principle holds where beef finishing systems are required.

Modern livestock management systems are governed by the principles espoused by the ‘five freedoms’ which include freedom from hunger and thirst. 

A commercial trial carried out in the United States confirmed that milk output per farm can be retained on the back of cow numbers being reduced by up to 20%, provided there is greater access to feed per remaining animal.

Where feeding is concerned it is imperative for all rations to be maintained in an uncontaminated state and that all feeding areas can be easily cleaned. On many farms, these requirements rule out putting silage, total mixed rations and concentrate feeds on the floor of sheds. The alternative is to use a trough system. 

Ballymena Based, Moore Concrete Products Ltd has a long history of manufacturing quality precast feeding channels suitable for use with both dairy and beef farmers. The feed channels have been specifically designed to be robust, long lasting and fit for purpose where livestock feeding requirements are concerned.

Moore Concrete’s Keri McGivern commented: 

“Each feed channel has been designed to complement the current feeding systems employed on modern farms. The range comprises of both single and double sided troughs as well as feed blocks to suit the various feeding requirements.

Keri continued: “A key benefit of utilising feed troughs is that they help to increase animal intake and reduce waste as livestock have access to feed at all times.”

Keri concluded

“As highlighted by the research feed availability is a key determinant of animal performance. Concrete feed troughs provide the perfect in house feeding solution to ensure livestock have access to adequate feed throughout the Winter months.”

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