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Asset BEBO Arches

Asset BEBO Arches are used for Bridges, Tunnels and Underground Structures for a wide variety of structures within Road, Rail and Waterways projects. Moore Concrete have been the manufacturing partner of Asset International for numerous years, providing BEBO elements for structures successfully installed throughout the UK and Ireland.

Asset BEBO Arches
The Asset BEBO Arch Bridge System is a pre-engineered system from factory-made components and site-specific construction materials. Precast concrete arch sections are delivered to site for installation. The structure is backfilled with engineered granular material. Standard sections are used to build a range of arches from 4m to 30m spans. Structures can be designed to accommodate large live loads and/or high fills and can be installed quicker than conventional concrete bridge structures.


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BEBO Arches typically consist of Arch Elements, Foundations, Spandrel Walls & Wing Walls


Diagram of Asset BEBO Arch Precast Concrete Bridge Elements

Asset BEBO Arches Key Benefits

  • Competitive Value Proposition BEBO Arches require 30-50% less material such as concrete, steel and sand, than traditional box culverts, combined with lower on site labour costs.
  • Speed of construction on site with BEBO Arches shaving weeks off construction times.
  • Minimise in disruption with no restriction in machinery crossing the structure once minimum overfill height is reached.  BEBO Arches have a continues joint-less pavement for overpasses (no costly bridge deck maintenance, support bearing or expansion joint repairs? thus avoiding lengthy road closures.
  • Durability with low maintenance costs BEBO Arches design result in a natural longevity with the earth overfill acting as a cushion against the effects of live load impacts.
  • Superior Stability and Structural Safety
  • Environment Friendly with BEBO Arches requiring reduced material in construction, and minimal environmental  disruption on site.
  • Aesthetically pleasing blending well into natural surroundings.
  • Proven Track Record over 500 BEBO Arch Structures have been built in Europe, North America, Australia and the Far East.

Want More Information?

For further information regarding BEBO Arches please contact a member of our civils sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 3.

Asset BEBO Arches Applications

  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Underground Structures

Asset BEBO Arches Design

Bebo Arches are typically two pinned arches of uniform thickness.  Each arch type is available in varying leg lengths, resulting in more than 100 standard arch types. BEBO Arches are designed for a wide range of loading conditions, with the effect of live loads on the arch design being greatest for arches with the least overfill.  All construction conditions including prescribed back filling are taken into account in profile design.  The number of wing wall elements required depends on the type of arch used, the height of the spandrel wall, the slope of the embankment and the orientation of the wing wall.

Asset BEBO Arches Installation

Asset BEBO Arches Example Projects

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