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Road Kerbs

Included in our product range are a selection of Pressed Road Kerbs designed for heavy duty use such as road or driveway edging.

We supply road kerbs in both half-battered and bullnose styles with quadrants and drop kerbs also available.


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Kerb Diagrams - Moore Concrete

Half Batter Kerbs Sizing Table - Moore Concrete

Bull Nose Kerb Sizing Table - Moore Concrete

Drop and Quadrant Kerb Sizing Table - Moore Concrete

Labelled Kerbs - Moore Concrete

We Deliver throughout the UK & Ireland

Garden Kerbs

Our Garden Kerbs come in 3 styles: square-topped, round-topped and splayed. They range from a small Garden Kerb only 6” high right up to a large earth-retaining Dwarf Wall at 24” high, with many sizes in between.

Garden Kerb Sizing Table - Moore Concrete

Garden Kerb Diagrams - Moore Concrete

9” x 2” Flat Top Kerbs can be used to cast an in-situ step or for domestic use

Dwarf Walls

We manufacture earth retaining Dwarf Walls for earth retention.

Available in heights of 10’’, 15’’,18’’ & 24”

These heights match with one another resulting in evenness when kerbing an inclined slope.

Dwarf Wall Sizing - Moore Concrete

Dwarf Wall Diagram - Moore Concrete

Want More Information?

For further information regarding Kerbs please contact a member of our building sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 2. Delivery available throughout the UK & Ireland