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Above Ground Slurry Store

Above Ground Slurry Store

These Above Ground Slurry Stores ensure the optimum combination of economy, reliability and durability, and fully meet requirements outlined under both the Irish and British specifications for farm waste management. Designed and constructed in full compliance with British and European Design Codes, the Above Ground Slurry Store offers the farmer proven Danish Technology.  This tried and tested system has been in use for over 20 years.


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Above Ground Slurry Store Key Benefits

  • Durable Construction with a 20 year engineer’s certificate
  • Maintenance free
  • Watertight seal using a 3 part seal on all joints and post tension cables encases in a PVC sheath filled with grease for added protection
  • Flexible range of sizes in 3 heights of 4m (13’1″), 5m (16’5″) and 6m (20′) with a maximum storage capacity of 4700m3 (1 million Gallons)
  • Rapid installation – just 7 days on site (total project length approximately 1 month)
  • Reliable tried and tested solution 
  • State of the art Danish Technology
  • Flexibility in choice sites for Above ground Store as tanks can be back filled on one side.
  • Tanks can be submerged partially or fully in the ground (engineers ground inspection required)
  • DAFM (Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine) Approved -S122A Accepted Contractors for Proprietary Over-Ground Circular Slurry/Effluent Stores – June 2016
  • Complies with BS 5502-50 Code of practice for design, construction and use of storage tanks and reception pits.
  • Moore Concrete provides a complete package in terms of construction of stores including
    • Supply and Construction of the Concrete Base
    • Supply & erection of the Concrete Above Ground Slurry Store
    • Supply and placement of the Precast Reception Tank
    • Supply and fit of platform & ladder, jetter and double sluice valves.
    • Chartered Engineer Certification
    • Only excludes groundwork’s
  • Moore Concrete can provide optional extras within a bespoke package for your particular requirements
    • Durable covers to provide an effective seal  for the tank, keeping rainwater out and the smell in.
    • Range of efficient systems for mixing and drawing off including Side Stirrers, Up & Over Mixers, Bubbler Systems, Umbilical Under Wall Draw Off Points, Gravity Pipe Infilling

Above Ground Slurry Store Applications

Above ground stores are suitable for agricultural applications with a capacity up to 1 million gallons.

Used primarily as a slurry store, they can also be used in water storage.

Above Ground Slurry Store

Above Ground Slurry Store Installation & Delivery

Site preparation by customer in advance of arrival

  • provide a level site to the specified excavation diameter and depth as instructed by our engineer
  • excavating the sump hole, lifting and positioning the precast sump into position
  • providing an approach ramp suitable for lorry loaded with panels and crane to enter the base area
  • availability of power and water
  • assistance offloading wire mesh if required

Full site instructions are available for customers on request.

Moore Concrete Installation

  • Day 1 on site – set up base for store
  • Day 2 on site – pour concrete base for the store
  • Curing period of 7 days for the concrete base
  • Day 3 & 4 on site – placement of vertical wall panels, placement of Post Tensioning Cables & Initial Stressing
  • Day 5 & 6 on site – Sealing Vertical Joints with expansive Mortar. Pouring Ring Beam.
  • 7 Day Curing Period for Concrete Beam
  • Day 7 on site – Final Stressing of Post Tensioning Cables

Tank Cover can be ordered on request.  The cover can be installed either at the erection of a new tank or later, although it is preferable to install the cover when the tank is new.

Example Projects


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Want More Information?

For further information regarding Above Ground Slurry Stores please contact a member of our agri sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.