Above Ground Slurry Store

Above Ground Store

Our Above Ground Slurry Stores ensure the optimum combination of economy, reliability and durability, and fully meet requirements outlined under both the Irish and British specifications for farm waste management.

Designed and constructed in full compliance with British and European Design Codes, the Above Ground Slurry Store offers the farmer proven Danish Technology. This tried and tested system has been in use for over 30 years.

For further information regarding Above Ground Slurry Store Please contact a member of our agriculture Sales Team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1
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Product Dimensions

Installation & Delivery

Moore Concrete offer a complete service – supply & construction of materials for both the base & store.  Every store is inspected by a Chartered Engineer both pre & post construction.

Construction Timeline



Day 1 on site – set up base for store



Day 2 on site – pour concrete base for the store
Curing period of 7 days for the concrete base



Day 3 & 4 on site – placement of vertical wall panels, placement of Post Tensioning Cables & Initial Stressing



Day 5 & 6 on site – Sealing Vertical Joints with expansive Mortar. Pouring Ring Beam. 7 Day Curing Period for Concrete Beam



Day 7 on site – Final Stressing of Post Tensioning Cables


Soft Tank Cover can be ordered on request.

Lundsby Soft Cover is a tried & tested patented product which has been installed to tanks throughout Europe.  The covers ensure a durable & effective seal for the tank, keeping out rainwater and therefore increasing slurry capacity.  The cover can be installed either at the erection of the new tank or retro fitted at a later date.

Whilst in many regions a cover is an option, in Northern Ireland it is a legal requirement.

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