Sevenoaks School

Sevenoaks School

We are proud to have received a Highly Commended Award at the Concrete Society dinner for the Sevenoaks School Project in Kent.
This award for outstanding merit in the use of concrete is great recognition for all the innovative hard work by the total Moore Concrete team.

Moore Concrete supplied and installed two hundred and seventeen precast roof slabs comprising two different designs.  The panels are a core feature of the architectural scheme requiring a high-quality finish and colour consistency.

Project challenges included:

Early stage Involvement with the consultants to achieve agreement on quality targets which would deliver for the design, in terms of finish and appearance. This involved production of numerous samples for comparison and final selection by the architect.

In-depth design involvement including structural analysis, detailing of fixings and steel support bracketry. The scheme design was for a very thin profile panel (75mm), and challenged our engineers in terms of structural performance carrying roof loads, over large spans.

The high-quality finish required was a demanding challenge for all the Moore Concrete team. This meant high attention to detail at all stages of production, storage, transport, and site installation. Careful moulding and de-moulding work produced units with minimal occurrence of corner chipping.
Robust protection measures during loading and transportation were required, which was the subject of extensive discussion with the client team, before agreement on approved methods.

Allowance for building services and placing slab connections in relation to structural steelwork resulted in a total of eighty variations across the two hundred and seventeen roof slabs.  The correct location of these was highly successful as a result of close cooperation between Moore Concrete and the steelwork subcontractor.
To maintain the high-quality finish, we took painstaking care during offloading of units onsite avoiding damage.  A dedicated site installation team thoroughly planned and agreed installation with the Main Contractor ahead of works commencing.  Installation carried on uninterrupted within a congested construction site. All members of the project design team have expressed high commendation on our finished product, and successful achievement of the scheme design.

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Kent, England

December 2017

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