Causeway Head Bridge

Causeway Head Bridge

Moore Concrete manufactured Beams for Causeway Head for Story Contracting.
We provided the beams which were attached to the bridge deck offsite.

The Victorian Bridge that entered into the centre of Stirling was urgently within need of repair. The 100 year old bridge was originally intended to be strengthened but due to the extensive damage the more economical option of a replacement deck was chosen.
With only three months to complete the project Story tasked Moore Concrete with creating the cills and Mabey Bridge with creating the bridge deck. These units were then brought together off site for a trial erection. With only one weekend to complete the works the bridge had to be erected offsite and lifted into place.

The old bridge deck was lifted off with a bridge deck transporter and set on trusses.  The new bridge deck was then lifted into place and all other works were completed.
Although the local population were initially concerned about the disruption they welcomed the project, with over 100 people coming out to watch the most dramatic work being completed.

The project was completed on time and within budget with a very impressive effort by those on site.

Photos courtesy of Story Construction Ltd


December 2013

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