Ox Strain posts prove a winner on Co Antrim dairy farm

Ox Strain posts prove a winner on Co Antrim dairy farm

The last 12 months have seen the Johnstons complete 1,000m of new fencing, all to sheep standard. As part of this process, they have used Moore Concrete’s new Ox Strain posts throughout. 

“We opted for a mix of 7’ and 8’ 6” posts,” Jack confirmed.

“We do all the fencing work ourselves. The posts were easy to drive in and they are manufactured to last.  

“We view farming as a long-term business. And, where fencing is concerned, we also take this fundamental point of view. 

“We used the first of the Ox Strain posts 18 months ago and are delighted with the way they have allowed us complete all our fencing work to a very high standard.”

Moore Concrete’s Jonny McKinney was a recent visitor to the Johnston farm.  He confirmed the very high specification to which the new posts are manufactured.

“The fact that the new posts are over eight feet in length is proving popular with both farmers and contractors,” he said.

“Ground conditions can vary a lot in Northern Ireland, from very mossy sites, through to the highest quality mineral soils. The good news is that the new Ox Strain Posts can be used in all conditions.

“High quality fencing is important, when it comes to delivering higher levels of grassland management and utilisation. There is a growing demand for new fencing on farms right across Northern Ireland at the present time. 

Jonny continued:

“Regardless of ground conditions, Ox Strain posts provide a durable, strong, maintenance free, fencing solution with a 50-year design life,” he said.

“The Ox Strain post’s design creates 8 flat sides that batons can be easily bolted to. This allows barbed wire to be stapled directly to the post.  These flat sides also make the post easier to handle and transport.

“Each Ox Strain Post is identical, making them easy to install using standard mechanical equipment, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing finish to the completed fence.

“Notches for struts are cast into four sides as standard for extra stability.”

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