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Concrete Mix Design

Within our portfolio of marine and rail contracts, Moore Concrete has utilised various precast concrete mix designs, enabling us to satisfy client requirements and meet industrial specifications. We operate within the guidelines of BS EN ISO 9001 and maintain a strict schedule of raw material and concrete testing both in-house and by accredited third parties. Recent investment in concrete science research and development in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast has provided us with a range of new mixes, some of which are mentioned in the contract features below.

Heysham Bypass, Milestone Canal Bridge  

Manufactured with a blend of Ordinary Portland Cement and GGBS, these units boasted an average 28-day compressive strength of 85 N/mm2. They were described by the client, Costain International as having “the best finish they’d seen on a precast bridge.” To reach this standard of quality while reducing carbon content through use of a ‘green’ replacement material demonstrates Moore Concrete’s commitment to world-class precast concrete engineering. Enhanced sulphate resistance as well as increased resistance to chloride ingress ensure that the units have the highest possible durability.

Kirkcaldy Seawalls
This project with Volker Stevin Ltd involved the redevelopment of 1.5 km of Kirkcaldy’s ageing sea defence walls. The ability to resist freeze-thaw degeneration and chemical corrosion is critical to the success of precast concrete in marine environments. Throughout the manufacture of all 1,036 units, methodical tests on the fresh and hardened concrete certified a first-class level of quality and therefore design lifetime conformity to the required XS3 exposure class.

Portishead RNLI Lifeboat Ramp
The construction of a lifeboat ramp for the RNLI required a mix that would meet exposure classes XS3 & XF4 with special cover and corrosion resistance requirements in order to withstand severe conditions once installed. The quality delivered by Moore Concrete was noted in positive feedback from the contractor, Andrew Scott Ltd, who commented, “Your product and service has been excellent and the ramp is of a very high standard.”

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