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Portal Frames

Precast Concrete Portal Frames are a combination of two columns and a normal beam with additional bending strength, to form a U shape.  The units are designed for individual projects meaning the entire Portal Frame structure can be tailored to exact customer specifications.


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Portal Frames Key Benefits

  • typically ranges of sizes are available, with spans from 1.2m to 6m and internal heights varying between 600mm and 3m.
  • wall thickness can vary between 150 and 500mm.
  • additional bending strength, as some of the bending moment is transferred from the beam to the columns.
  • very strong joints, resulting in either an increased available beam span or reduced size of beam.
  • very efficient construction technique to use for wide span buildings
  • faster alternative to cast insitu abutments and bridge beam
  • more cost effective solution than casting insitu abutments and bridge beams
  • flexible solution
    • additional inverted T wall units can be jointed to the columns of the inverted U shaped portal frame to increase clearance heights of horizontal beams. Spans from 4m to 12m with clearance heights of up to 6m can be manufactured.
    • similarity an inverted U sharped portal frame maybe mounted on another U shaped portal frame to form a box, with convex and concave socket joints in the adjoining walls.  Spans up to 12m can be produced with internal clearance heights of up to 6m can be achieved.

Want More Information?

For further information regarding Portal Frames please contact a member of our civils sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 3.

Portal Frames Example Projects

As part of the Crossaig development project in the Scottish Highland’s it was imperative to provide access roads capable of withstanding the transportation of heavy plant and machinery.  The design solution chosen involved the manufacture of 15Nr Precast Concrete Portal Frames which allowed the structure to carry the access road and fill above, and 12Nr ballast blocks for along the access road.  Moore Concrete Manufactured these portal frames and ballast blocks on behalf of the main contractor Amec Foster Wheeler. For more information on this project please click on the attached link for Crossaig Portal Frames.

Currently Moore Concrete are manufacturing Portal Frames for the new A6 road development, details following shortly.

Portal Frames Applications

  • Bridge Structures
  • Frames for Buildings
  • Large Span Entrances
  • Below Ground Waterways
  • Pedestrian Subways