Hydro Electric Power Precast Construction

Hydro Electric Power Precast Construction

Harnessing Hydro Electric Power creates huge opportunities for long term sustainable energy generation, especially in the UK and Ireland with an abundance of water resources.  Precast concrete construction for bespoke designs using precise configurations, with the minimal of local disturbance is a perfect material for these projects.

Hydro Concrete

At Moore Concrete we are dedicated to and pride ourselves in helping customers to solve their problems, working to provide the right precast solutions for them. We offer a full suite of precast concrete solutions for Hydro Electric Power requirements.


For further information regarding Hydro Electric Power Precast Construction Please contact a member of our civil Sales Team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 3

Hyrdro Concrete Dimensions

Moore Concretes team can facilitate the design and manufacturing of individual bespoke designs for these complex Hydro Electric Schemes.

Moore Concrete clients including Green Highland Renewables offer their customers a turn key hydro development service from initial concept through to consent, construction, commissioning and generation.

Working in collaboration with Green Highland Renewables on bespoke projects, Moore Concrete created unique moulds, formulated the specific strength requirements of units and used state of the art manufacturing process to create the precise configuration of the weir components. Get in touch today for more information.

  • Weirs constructed from precast concrete units

  • Outfall Chamber from stacked Box Culvert Units

  • Precast Intake units

  • Main Powerhouse & Service Structures

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