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Ground Beams

Moore Concrete manufacture project specific Ground Beams for a number of large building projects across in the UK and Ireland.

Ground Beams provide an alternative to traditional foundations for both blockwork and steel joists, thus minimising labour and time required in traditional construction. They are often designed to support brick or blockwork. Ground Beams can also be used to form on edge for insitu concrete floor slabs, to form permanent shuttering. Ground Beams are structural beams designed to transfer loads along there lenght to span between to walls, columns, piles or padstones.


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Ground Beam Example Projects

Moore Concrete supplied ground beams up to 6.5m long to outline the perimeter to the lifestyle building at Petroc College in Southern England for ISG.

Moore Concrete manufactured ground beams for the Tidebank project on behalf of Knights Brown who commented that they were very pleased with the product.

Ground Beams Key Benefits

  • Quicker to install than conventional footings
  • Installation possible regardless of weather conditions, reducing time on site and potential delays to programme schedule
  • Creates an accurate bearing level
  • Lifting eyes can be cast into ground beams for ease of handling, offloading & positioning.
  • Ground beams can be designed to suit the individual requirements of specific projects.
  • Voids can be included for dowels if required.
  • Often square or rectangular in section ground beams can be designed to incorporate notches, end details and sloping faces.

Want More Information?

For further information regarding Ground Beams please download our brochure or contact a member of our civils sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 3.