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Moore Concrete have been involved in numerous prestigious projects, all along the UK’s coastline.  Working in conjunction with key contractors to manufacture award winning bespoke reinforced and prestressed concrete precast units, including the innovative Black Esk Weir and Milford on Sea Beach Huts project. This experience has led to Moore Concrete building a high level of expertise, in manufacturing units for these coastal and marine projects.
Key structural precast elements manufactured for the coastal and marine sector include
Coastal Defense Units
Harbours including Transverse & Cope Beams for Pier extensions
Stairs and Slipways

Coastal DefenceHarbours Stairs and Slipways
We have developed considerable in house expertise within Mix Designs, which has proven to be especially important in providing our coastal and marine infrastructure customers with bespoke designs that have the ability to resist freeze-thaw degeneration and chemical corrosion critical to the success of precast concrete in these environments. In developing units for Portishead RNLI Lifeboat Ramp we developed a mix that would meet exposure classes XS3 & XF4 with special cover and corrosion resistance requirements in order to withstand severe conditions once installed.

Taking our desire to create high quality concrete marine and coastal infrastructure to the next level and create structures that would bring concrete to life, lead to Moore Concrete forming a partnership with the innovative ECOncrete®.  Moore Concrete is the sole manufacturer and supplier of ECOncrete® in the UK and Ireland, a technology we believe has tremendous potential when combined with our depth of experience in manufacturing, by actively encouraging the development of diverse flora and fauna on the surfaces of concrete infrastructure. ECOncrete® founders Dr Ido Sella and his colleague Dr Shimrit Perkol-Finkel are marine biologists, who having made observations on sea defense systems in there native Israel noticed specific sections of these structures were capable of hosting more vibrant marine plants and animals than others. Research to investigate the reasons behind this led to them discovering a unique set of concrete ‘ad mixtures’ that encouraged the development of these biological systems on the surface of the precast concrete structures.  Further investigation revealed the physical nature of the finished surface was equally important, leading to the development of textured moulds and liners to ensure the finished surface was capable of encouraging the colonisation of the complete marine structure. By increasing biodiversity, productivity, and elevating the ecosystem provided by these structures, we can thereby decrease their ecological footprint. The growth of flora and fauna also provides Bioprotection that can potentially increase the strength and longevity of coastal structures.


MDEconcrete Ecological Concrete Solutions Moore Concrete

Moore Concrete Coastal & Marine Infrastructure Key Benefits

  • sustainable development managing environmental risk and biodiversity is recognised as being increasing important, combining Moore Concrete precast manufacturing expertise with ECOncrete technology, creates innovative solutions within the coastal structures themselves.
  • precast units are idea for use in coastal infrastructure projects with quick easy installation, contributing to a rapid construction process, minimising disruption
  • standardisation of design principles for precast concrete units enable significant cost saving
  • precast structures are split into smaller structural components enabling overall concrete volumes to be reduced
  • precast units are easier to design more aesthetically pleasing curved alignments
  • Moore Concrete operates a rigorous quality management system to ensure that all products are manufactured in full compliance with BSI ISO:9001
  • consistently high quality precast elements manufactured in Moore Concrete’s controlled factory conditions eliminates the affects of weather affecting insitu pour.
  • Moore Concrete are committed to protecting the health, well being and development of their employees. Moore Concrete are a prestigious ROSPA Presidents Award (winning Gold Medals for the past 10 years) & Investors in People accredited organisation, and fully compliant with BSI ISO:18001.

ROSPA President's Award 2017 Moore Concrete

Want More Information?

For further information regarding Coastal please contact a member of our civils sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 3.