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Wall Copings and Pillar Caps

We can produce standard and bespoke Wall Copings and Pillar Caps.  Listening to customer feedback our range has grown to include a wide range of design styles, finishes and sizes.

A recent customer proudly commented “people always admire my last job of wall copings and pillar caps” while another remarked that “staff are very helpful and friendly.”

Please contact us to discuss individual requirements for your project.


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Wall Copings

Saddleback Coping

Saddleback Wall Coping - Moore Concrete

Featheredge Coping

Featheredge wall coping - Moore Concrete

Saddleback copings deflect water in two directions. They are most commonly used on boundary walls.

Featheredge copings provide a modern finish. They can be used as a parapet coping on a roof to direct water in one direction.

Flat Top Coping

Flat top copings, also known as wall closure copings, are the perfect solution for a parapet coping on a roof.

Bespoke Copings

Bespoke copings can be made to customer requirements. Bespoke product examples include chamfered edged and humpback. Please contact the building team for special requests.

We Deliver throughout the UK & Ireland

Pillar Caps

Low Pyramid Pillar Cap

Low Pyramid Pillar Cap - Moore Concrete

Medium Pyramid Pillar Cap

Medium Pyramid Pillar Cap - Moore Concrete

Deep Pyramid Pillar Cap

Deep Pyramid Pillar Cap - Moore Concrete

Rectangular Pillar Cap

Rectangular Pillar Cap - Moore Concrete

Flat Top Pillar Cap

Flat Top Pillar Cap - Moore Concrete

Featheredge Pillar Cap

Featheredge Pillar Cap - Moore Concrete

Circular Pillar Cap

Circular Pillar Cap - Moore Concrete

Regal Pillar Cap

Regal Pillar Cap - Moore Concrete

Stepped Pillar Cap

Stepped Pillar Cap - Moore Concrete

Bishop Pillar Cap

Bishop Pillar Cap - Moore Concrete

Pillar Caps are available in the following finishes


Pillar caps can be custom made to accommodate lamps or balls as seen below

Pillar Cap Accessories - Moore Concrete

Example Projects

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Decorative Pillar Caps

Building Brochure Including Copings


Want More Information?

For further information regarding Wall Copings and Pillar Caps please contact a member of our building sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 2. Delivery available throughout the UK & Ireland