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Redi-Rock Landscaping

The Redi-Rock product range is perfect for landscaping, as all the elements can be easy blended together.  Redi-Rock columns, steps and caps coordinate perfectly with Redi-Rock retaining and freestanding walls to create an exceptional natural stone finish. Freestanding walls can be topped with planter blocks or heavy capstones.


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Redi-Rock Home Options Moore Concrete

Redi-Rock Landscaping Key Benefits

  • Redi-Rock precast modular blocks and accessories are immediately ready to get creative and start building.
  • Redi-Rock looks like natural stone, but has consistent dimensions making it easy to install and walk on.
  • Redi-Rock can be dry laid ideal for quick and ease construction, up to 10 times faster than traditional walls.
  • Construction can occur in all weather conditions.
  • Redi-Rock blocks are textured on 2 or 3 sides, creating the versatility to allow designs to incorporate corners and curves with ease.
  • Aesthetics combined with durability to give a strong long lasting finish.
  • Redi-Rock columns, steps, caps and garden planters coordinate perfectly with Redi-Rock retaining and freestanding walls to create an exceptional coordinated finish.
  • Redi-Rock walls can be offset to provide space for extra planting.
  • Redi-Rock planters can we used stand alone, in offset walls or on top of free standing walls.
  • Redi-Rock columns can be integrated with fencing.
  • Redi-Rock has the ability to create space.
  • Redi-Rock requires minimal maintenance.
  • Redi-Rock is flexible, if plans change it can be easily repositioned.

Redi-Rock Landscaping Applications

  • Steps & Staircases
  • Garden Planters
  • Seating Walls
  • Amphitheater Seating
  • Pillars
  • Garden Retaining & Freestanding Walls
  • Privacy & Protection Walls – from flooding, erosion & forced entry as a vehicle restraint system
  • Construct Signage
  • For more information on Redi-Rock Walling click here

Redi-Rock Landscaping Design Services

Moore Concrete are Redi-Rock International’s manufacturing and sales partner throughout the island of Ireland.  For many of Redi-Rock landscaping products additional design advice is not necessary however Moore Concrete can offer our customers a full advice and design service with the full backup and expertise of Redi-Rock International, as required.

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Want More Information?

For further information regarding Redi Rock Landscaping please contact a member of our building sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 2.