Water Troughs

A comprehensive range of quality concrete Water Troughs ranging from 15 Gallon (68 litres) to 500 Gallon (2270 litres) is available. These are suitable for sheep or any size of beef or dairy cattle.

The corners of the precast Water Troughs have been rounded both internally and externally, including the base. This not only makes the trough safer for the animals but also enhances the strength. (They have often been described as being bath-shaped).

Water Trough Key Features & Benefits

  • Concrete Water Troughs are robust and therefore will not lose their shape or be pushed around by livestock.
  • All troughs have a rubber bung to facilitate easy draining.
  • Ballcocks – the ballcock is mounted onto a plate which is fixed to the side of the trough.
  • The water pipe is recessed in the back of the trough.
  • Removable lids to protect the ballcock and fittings.
  • Suits both conventional & fast flow ballcocks.
  • Suited to any indoor or outdoor location.
  • Specifically designed In House Trough available.

Water Trough Range & Dimensions

Our Water Troughs are manufactured in compliance with BS 3445 and comply with WRAS Regulations.

Our concrete drinkers are available from agricultural merchants throughout the UK and Ireland.  Click here for full list of stockists.

For further information please contact a member of our agricultural sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.

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