ECOncrete Brooklyn Bridge Park

Econcrete Brooklyn Bridge Park

Urban sprawl calls for innovative green solutions that reduce the ecological footprint of concrete based infrastructure like buildings, retaining walls, and acoustic
barriers. As opposed to typical green roofs and green wall systems that usually demand elaborate soil and watering system, ECOncrete® has developed a Bio-Active concrete
tile that doubles as a highly aesthetic decorative façade and a bio-enhanced substrate that supports the growth of mosses, lichens, and climbing vegetation.
ECOncrete®’s Bio-Active wall tiles have exceptional physical and chemical properties capable of supporting and enhancing the epi and endolithic flora as well as
clinging plants. The product was chosen to be installed on a high end, mixed-use commercial/residential project at the heart of Tel Aviv called Lev Levontin. The Bio-Active
wall tiles and planter tiles were installed on an east facing wall of the building’s luxurious patio. ECOncrete®’s BioActive wall is designed to create a highly aesthetic green façade capable of reducing the overall ecological foot print of concrete walls by increasing plants diversity, improving air quality and energy efficiency, and reducing both noise and heat urban pollution.

September 2015

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