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Year – 2012

Client – Lerwick Port Authority

Main Contractor – Tulloch Developments

Project Value – £210k

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Project Outline

Development of the Lerwick Harbour to build on its role as a leader in decommissioning offshore installation, involved work to create a purpose built decommissioning pier.

Moore Concrete was contracted by Tulloch Development to produce and deliver almost 2000 tonnes of precast concrete beams, slabs and pile caps along with ancillary items such as dolphin style units and edge beams.

As all the elements were being used as a type of formwork superstructure, the interior faces of all elements had to have an exposed aggregate finish to allow for the bond of in-situ concrete with the precast elements in order to create one uniform structure once completed.

To further facilitate the ease of in-situ works many of the units included extensive protruding steel bars which would tie in the in-situ concrete works.  The successful coordination of the protruding steel demonstrates the high quality of mould manufacture and production process which enabled the structure to be assembled without issue.

Shipping of all units to the Shetland Islands, lying some 170 miles of the coast of the Scottish mainland, gave challenges not typical to many other schemes.

In this case, Moore Concrete delivered concrete elements to the port of Aberdeen by road. From there, the elements were craned into a bulk carrier for the remaining leg to the journey to Lerwick port giving the most efficient and suitable means of transport in co-ordination with contractor’s requirements.

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