Feed Troughs

In addition to Water Troughs we manufacture a comprehensive range of durable concrete Feed Troughs suitable for use with dairy and beef cattle. Our livestock feed bunks are suitable for use with diet feeders ensuring food stuffs are kept clean and within livestock reach at all times. This in turn encourages animals to eat the whole mix thus reducing waste.

Feed Channel

Our feed channels can be both single and doubled sided with 6 different designs depending on whether they are being used in conjunction with existing barriers or walls, dividing the house into two pens, free standing or for use with calves or full grown cattle.

Features and benefits include:

  • Reduced waste as the animals have access to the feed at all times.
  • Increases animal feed intake.
  • Labour saving as no need for pushing feed up.
  • Portable – easily moved and repositioned.
  • Lifting recesses available upon request for speedy installation and repositioning.
  • Splayed corners to prevent feed from going stale.
  • Manufactured using high quality concrete providing a smooth and easily cleaned surface.
  • End units are available on request.

Feed Blocks

Feed blocks provide a versatile feeding system, comprising of precast feed blocks and timber. They can be used in those locations within sheds, or farm yards, where both permanent and temporary feeding arrangements are required. They can be easily be quickly moved to various locations, to suit our customer’s individual requirements. Using 15ft long x 3” wide timbers in conjunction with the feed blocks, customers can achieve a standard bay length solution.
The blocks come in two design formats: a block with a back only, for use in conjunction with an existing feed fence. The other option is a double sided block with front and back timber slots which act as both the feed fence and barrier, providing a standalone complete solution. Each of the block designs features a forklift recess as standard; so that they can be moved with ease and stored out of sight when not required. Combine this with all the benefits of our standard Feed Channel range and you can see why we think these are a fantastic idea, fulfilling the numerous requests from our customers for an innovative, adaptable, feed trough solution.

For further information please contact a member of our agricultural sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.

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