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ECOncrete Concrete Ecological Solutions

ECOncrete ® technology provides sustainable solutions for the construction of ecologically active infrastructure, in the coastal, marine and freshwater environments as well as urban landscapes. The Company develops, produces and supports the implementation of innovative concrete products designed for enhancing the biological and ecological value of coastal and marine infrastructure. ECOncrete’s unique biological traits encourage biogenic build up. They also provide substantial structural and economic advantages in terms of increased stability and longevity, as well as a reduction in maintenance costs.

Key Benefits

ECOncrete can be used in collaboration with bespoke project designs within the marine, coastal and freshwater environments.  As ECOncrete’s manufacturing partner within the UK & Ireland, Moore Concrete is in a uniquely advantageous position to combine our many years of experience manufacturing bespoke Coastal Projects with the innovative properties of ECOncrete.   Moore Concrete can also provide a range of standardised designs from ECOncrete for both Water based and Urban projects.

ECOncrete Before & After Picture of Flora & Fauna Growth Moore Concrete

ECOncrete Marine, Coastal & Freshwater

  • cost effective solution designed to increase biological productivity and ecological valve
  • supports rich and diverse marine life in different aquatic environments, from tropical Caribbean & Red Sea to the temperate North Atlantic & Mediterranean to the estuaries and freshwater of the Great Lakes.  
  • increased stability and durability of structures through bioprotection. ECOncrete products are designed to enhance biogenic buildup which is a carbon carbonate deposition by marine organisms such as oysters, barnacles and corals that cover the substrate.
  • low maintenance required from increased stability and durability of structures.
  • through continuous development in R&D, ECOncrete continues to develop new products in line with customer aspirations.
  • ECOncrete technologies are scientifically tested and tailored by a multidisciplinary team of boilogists, ecologists, engineers, designers and concrete specialists.
  • have a range of standardised products including Tide Pools, Enhanced Sea Wall’s, Ecological Pile Encapsulation, Armouring Units & Marine Mattresses.
  • can be applied to bespoke projects
  • part of the overall service includes planning, design and integration of ECOncrete products into waterfront, coastal and urban development projects.

ECOncrete Bio Active Walls

  • Typical green roofs or green walls systems usually demand elaborate soil and watering system, however this is not the case in ECOncrete® Bio Active concrete wall tile design.  It has a bio-enhanced substrate that supports the growth of mosses, lichens and climbing vegetation.
  • The innovative ECOncrete® Bio Active wall tiles differ from standard concrete units on three levels; concrete chemistry, surface rugosity and 3D macro complexity. These three elements work in synergy to mimic the features of natural surfaces thus enhancing the walls ability to support rich flora of plants that require little or no soil.
  • The high surface rugosity, and the unique 3D designincludes micro pores, rugged textures, and varying elevations, increasing the walls ability to capture water and moisture, thus further contributing to flora growth as well as increasing their ability to effectively latch onto the wall surface.
  • Create a highly aesthetic decorate façade.
  • ECOncrete®’s Bio-Active Wall Installation at the Azouri Eco-Tower (Tel Aviv, Israel) contributed to the buildings LEED innovation points and was the first Israeli office building to receive a Gold LEED certificate. LEED is a global standard rating system for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design.
  • Based on research findings from Azouri Eco – Tower and other prior installations ECOncrete®’s has been able to evaluate its role in deceasing the ecological footprint of urban environment by;• Promoting high plant diversity and coverage on the structures façade
    • Contributing to air quality through oxygen production of enhanced plant coverage
    • Increasing energy efficiency of the structures envelope
    • Absorption and reduction of atmospheric CO2
    • Acting as a passive acoustic insulation
    • Enhanced foliage cover serves to absorb solar radiation
    • High foliage cover captures pollutants from the air
    • Increasing the overall aesthetics of the structure.

ECOncrete Key Product Range for Various Applications

Tide Pools mimic natural rock pools within inter-tidal areas, creating an environment to increase local biodiversity and biological activity, providing a water retaining solution for urban waterfronts which is often absent.

Enhanced Sea Wall’s have surface properties to support the growth of various marine plants and animals. They can be tailored to induce the growth of specific species depending on the location and of conservational value of various sites. Slight design changes can increase complexity, providing additional shading and refuge from sea waves with no decrease in the structural and functional properties of the sea wall.

Ecological Pile Encapsulation substitutes standard concrete pile encapsulation. It is applied to repair timber piles, used in piers and jetties, since timber piles deteriorate after being exposed for long periods of time to marine burrowers, such as worms and mussels. In addition to the necessary constructive support and protection, ecological pile encapsulation creates a new and productive habitat for marine plants and animals.

Armouring Units are modular building blocks of marine infrastructure, which provide coastal defence against the hydrodynamic forces of sea waves. Ecological armouring units are designed to create urban marine habitats, which encourage growth of various marine organisms, reduce the influence of invasive species and enhance biodiversity.

Marine Matresses are interlocking concrete blocks connected with a cable for easy transport and installation. They are designed to provide shoreline stabilisation and erosion control as well as anchoring and protecting exposed underwater pipelines.  ECOncrete’s unique chemical and physical properties enhance the ability of the mattress to encourage growth of marine flora and fauna, increase species richness, reduce dominance of invasive species and elevate biodiversity. 

Bio-active Living Wall elements are designed to induce rapid plant wall coverage on inland buildings. Green plant coverage significantly improves urban landscapes, provides cleaner and healthier air, and reduces the ecological footprint of urban development. Standard and pocket tiles are 30cm’s square, although dimensions can be adjusted to meet the needs of specific projects.

Example Projects

ECOncrete’s project at Brooklyn Bridge Park aims to transform the hostile environment constructed on abandoned cargo and storage piers, into a flourishing recreation area while preserving and restoring natural habitats. For more details click ECOncrete Case Study of Brooklyn Park Waterfront

ECOncrete’s Bio-Active Wall Tiles Installation at Lev Levontin, Tel Aviv designed by Leor Lovinger CEO of Studio Urbanof Landscape Architecture Ltd,  provides a great case study showing the benefits over time of this installation. For more details click ECOncrete Case Study Bio-Active Wall Tiles March 2017


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