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Earth Retaining Panels

Earth retaining panels are ideal for the construction of vertical walls subject to high loads or where architectural requirements demand a specific finish to the exposed wall face. Moore concrete have cast the MacRes®, precast steel reinforced concrete facing panels in association with Maccaferri over the last number of years. The Maccaferri MacRes® system has been developed to create vertical concrete faced soil reinforcement structures. The system consists of a combination of geostrip soil reinforcement connected to the large concrete facing panels. The ParaWeb® polymer geostrip linear reinforcement is placed between compacted layers of structural backfill, and is intimately connected to the precast concrete fascia panels. The fascia panels are erected in progressive layers as the height of the reinforced compacted back fill rises behind.


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Earth Retaining Maccaferri MacRes® System Key Benefits

  • can create a vertical faced structure capable of resisting high loads
  • the concrete panels are designed and detailed according to the specific requirements of the project
  • ease of inclusive in panels of specific face finishes depending on the aesthetic demands of the client
  • MacRes ® Panels are CE Marked – Manufactured to EN 15258
  • high quality, durable solution
  • cost effective solution
  • simplicity and speed of implementation
  • using Geogrid soil reinforcement, maximises the opportunity to reuse site-won materials as backfill saves on the export and import of materials from site and reducing polluting truck movements
  • Geogrid provide the capability to support Extreme Loads and Mega Structures, such as the 74m high Terramesh and Paralink reinforced soil wall, supporting an airport runway in North Eastern India; one of the tallest such walls in the world.
  • working with a globally renowned specialist in Maccaferri committed to continuous innovation, ensures solutions are at the forefront of technological advancements.
  • Maccaferri offer a range of expert engineered solutions built up over 100 years of solving retaining structure problems.

Want More Information?

For further information regarding Earth Retaining Panels please contact a member of our civils sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 3.

Earth Retaining Maccaferri MacRes® System Applications

  • Retaining Walls
    • small retaining walls in a housing development
    • massive reinforced soil structure for
      • major highways
      • railways
      • other civil engineering infracture
      • Hydraulic Works
  • Mega Structure / Extreme Load Retaining System

Earth Retaining Maccaferri MacRes® System Projects

We manufactured for the prestigious Queensferry Crossing over the Firth of Forth project in Edinburgh. Across the 3 years of this project we supplied an amazing 9000m2 of retaining walls to Maccaferri for various location on the bridge approach infrastructure. The longest retaining wall is 348m and the highest 12m, making them some of the largest in the UK. The Queensbury Crossing opened on the 30th Aug 2017 forming the main transportation link between Edinburgh and Fife. On the 2nd and 3rd of Oct, 50,000 members of the public had the once in a lifetime opportunity to cross the £1.7Billion bridge on foot, as once the bridge opened there would be no pedestrian access.

Previous projects include

A8 Ballynure, Co. Antrim

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