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Certificate of Excellence 2015

We are proud to have been awarded a second successive Certificate of Excellence at the 2015 Concrete Society Awards for the BEBO Arch, Heysham Bypass. This is the largest precast overfill arch in the world! This project was in conjunction with Asset International for main contractor Costain.

Project details –

• The Heysham to M6 Link Road is one of Lancashire’s top priority transport projects. The new road will complete the long awaited connection from the Heysham and Morecambe peninsula to Junction 34 of the M6, and will be a 4.8km dual carriageway with a footpath and cycleway along the entire route

• The project also involves a fully remodelled junction 34, with new slip roads, a new bridge over the River Lune and a 600 space park and ride site. The new road will provide better access for residents, businesses and tourists to the area.

• The new road will bring huge economic and transport benefits to the county. As well as easing congestion caused by traffic travelling through Lancaster city centre, the link road will greatly increase the potential for investment in the surrounding area

• Moore Concrete made the arches for ASSET INTERNATIONAL STRUCTURED SOLUTIONS who are exclusive UK & Ireland Licensees for the BEBO ARCH system. The Milestone Canal Bridge Crossing forms part of the Heysham to M6 Link Project for Lancashire County Council and their construction partner Costain Limited.

• The T94 Arch Bridge Structure installed over the Milestone Canal, features a clear span of 28.6 metres at a rise of only 3.2 metres, a total length of 36.735 metres using 60 number precast units and is the largest precast over filled arch in the world to date.

• The units weighed 19.8 tonnes each and are joined by an insitu stitch at the crown and held at the bottom by a reinforced concrete footing strip on either side of the canal.

• Custom made steel moulds were used to create the arch by local steel engineers KME.

• The Concrete mix design was required to be a high specification 50% GGBS mix using self-compacting concrete. We developed a mix design that offers increased durability, reduced permeability, increased strength, lower heat of hydration, high resistance to chloride penetration, high resistance to sulphate attack and a lighter colour.

• The majority of the environmental impact of concrete provided at the construction site derives from cement. Using GGBS as a partial replacement for Portland cement yields significant improvements in the environmental performance of concrete and is an important part of sustainable developments in concrete production.