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Richard Roberts, Anglesey

Moore Concrete has further expanded the scope of its customer base with the supply of precast products to a number of farms in Wales. Of particular significance was the order placed by father and son team – Richard and Matthew Roberts – who have recently completed a cubicle house and robotic milking complex on their Anglesey farm.

“We opted for two Lely robots in tandem with a below ground slurry tank and slip resistant slats,” Richard explained.

“We had previously been in tillage, however, Matthew and I firmly believe there is a future in milk. We supply the nearby Glanbia UK cheese plant and with there being no limit on the payment available for milk solids, the obvious cow type to put in the new unit was the Jersey.

“The calved heifers are currently giving milk with 9% total solids. However, we believe that by tweaking the diet, we can get that figure up to 10%”

Richard continued:

“We decided on the below ground slurry tank, rather than scraping out to a lagoon, because we live in a high rainfall area. A slatted floor also ensures that the cows are cleaner at all times.”

Moore Concrete supplied all of the components making up the suspended floor within the new shed; Beams and Gangs.

“We specified the slip resistant finish on the slats,” Matthew Roberts commented.

“We wanted to make the surface of the house as safe as possible for the cattle. Moore Concrete also supplied the Cubicle Bases. All of the products were manufactured to an exceptionally high standard and the level of service provided by the business has been tremendous.”

Richard concluded:

“We selected Moore Concrete on the basis of product quality and value for money. And we were not disappointed on either count!”

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