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George Bingham

Pictured is John Callaghan (left) with George Bingham of Seven Mile Straight, Crumlin with his recently installed Foothbath adjacent to the In-house Drinker.

Robin and George Bingham, from Nutts Corner in Co. Antrim, milk just over 500 cows. Their buildings were built to meet the feeding, welfare and overall management needs of the stock in full. Significantly, the father and son duo wanted the two main houses designed in a way that ensured the cows walked through a foot bath every time they passed from the feeding area to the cubicles.

Moore Concrete has manufactured four bespoke footbaths which met this specific need. Each is 2.9 metres in length with a width of 2.11 metres and a depth of 30.5 centimetres. The floor of the footbaths have been designed with a slightly roughened surface in order to provide a sure footing for animals. A 10cm bung ensures easy and straightforward emptying.

Each of the footbaths is located between two cubicle end walls, one of which also features a 100 Gallon In-House Drinking Trough.

“We are delighted with the way the new foot bathing system works. The floor of the bath has been designed to give the cows that little bit of extra sure footing, which they need. The bath empties in seconds once the bung has been removed. A few seconds with the hose then clears the dirt that has collected. The foot bath solution drains into the slated tank below.

Re-filling the baths couldn’t be easier, I simply take out the bung from the nearby drinker and let the fresh water pour out into the foot bath below.

On a more general point the drinkers make optimum use of space and ensure that a shortage of drinking points is not an issue in any of the cubicle houses.” George Bingham

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