Concrete Foot bath

Concrete Foot baths

Using Concrete Foot baths is recognised as a preventive measure, improving animal welfare and herd activity, by helping control contagious hoof problems such as digital dermatitis.

Most cattle experts advocate the benefit of regular foot bathing, indeed recommending that this is incorporated as part of the daily routine when moving dairy cattle around the milking parlour. Accounting for direct and indirect costs lameness per cow is estimated at £330 per year, reducing fertility levels and milk yields.

Our Concrete Foot bath is suitable for use on either a solid floor or as a component within a suspended floor.

For further information regarding Concrete Foot bath Please contact a member of our agriculture Sales Team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1
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Footbath Dimensions

4000 (13'2") 1100 (3’7″) 300 (1′)

Concrete Foot Bath Dimensions

AHDB recommend Concrete foot baths should be able to allow for
• A cow to take 3-4 steps in the bath requiring it to be 3-4m long.
• Enough width for a cow to pass another.
• A depth to provide a minimum of 4″ of solution to cover the heels and recommends using 6″ to 8″.
• Concrete Foot baths can be manufactured to specific customer sizes and requirements, and it suit specific locations.
• Concrete Foot baths are supplied with a 100mm (4″) bung to facilitate emptying.

For further information regarding Concrete Foot baths please contact a member of our Agri sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.

  • Concrete Foot baths can be used on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with another unit.
    A combination of two foot baths is often used:
    • The first filled with water as pre-wash to remove excess muck
    •  The second filled with the chemical cleaning solution.
    This approach ensures that the second bath containing the active solution will be more effective over a longer period of time.

    Concrete Foot baths can be designed to be located at numerous different locations within the farm building.
    •  At the Water Trough – feet are submerged in solution whilst the animal is drinking.
    •  At the entry or exit of the milking parlour – research confirms pre or post milking are is equally effective.
    • Cubicle walkways – at the mouth of the collecting yard.

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