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Boville McMullan

Quarrystore is the landscaping division of the Co Antrim quarrying company Boville McMullan. They supply a wide range of landscaping and gardening-related products, including decorative stone, aggregates and mulches to customers around the UK. Both have used our products, including 8ft bunker walls and QuikBloc, for storage.

QuikBloc is a versatile storage solution developed by Moore Concrete for use in the quarry, recycling, scaffolding, building, farming and landscaping sectors. Based on a ’Lego’ principle; the high-quality individual block components can be quickly assembled, where required and then re-assembled at another location, if the need arises. The system also features a very high-quality surface finish, which adds to its attraction for all users. But robustness and reliability are at the core of the QuikBloc approach to storage. In essence, the interlocking blocks create a strong structure with no need for bonding or fixing.

“We bought-in QuikBlock as soon as it came into the market,” confirmed Luke McMullan, the man who heads up Quarrystore. The business is the landscaping division of the Co Antrim quarrying company Boville McMullan. “We store a large number of different aggregates on site at the one time,” he added. “QuikBloc fitted this storage requirement to a tee. It is flexible, robust and, most importunately of all, can be put in place very quickly. Over the past two years we have also tweaked the system to meet out changing requirements. And, again, this was achieved with the minimum of fuss and stress.”

Luke added; “With the growth in the business, we have had to expand our storage capacity significantly. The QuikBloc option allowed us to make this a reality in a very straightforward manner.”

QuikBloc comes in standard block units, each weighing 1,600 kgs and half standard block units, weighing 800 kg. In addition, each unit can be manufactured as a large option, which was developed initially following a request from Quarrystore for a bigger block. In these cases, the standard block weighs 2350 kg with the half block option weighing 1,175 kg.

Demand for QuikBloc is growing within all of those sectors where aggregate storage is a focal point of the business,” confirmed Moore Concrete’s Andrew Moore. “Its total versatility is its key selling point in tandem with the systems strong durability.”

Want More Information?

For further information regarding Bunker Walls please contact a member of our agri sales team on 028 2565 2566, Ext 1.