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Agricultural Projects

With the extensive range of precast concrete products we manufacture for the agricultural market since the company was founded in the late 1970’s, we have contributed to numerous agricultural projects across the UK & Ireland.  Moore Concrete has adopted a customer led strategy, working closely with farmers and contractors to maintain an innovative product range, designed to meet the needs of modern day agriculture.  Below we have added a number of examples of agricultural projects, for details please click on each photograph for more details of each

Suspended Flooring

Newbould Livestock Housing Suspended Flooring Slats Alastair Park Suspended Flooring Slats

Surefoot Suspended Flooring

Appleton Farm Suspended Flooring Livestock Housing Slats Richard Roberts Surefoot SlatsJane Glover Surefoot SlatsKeith McNeill Livestock Housing Surefoot Slats

Steele Family Kircubbin Surefoot Cattle Slats Moore Concrete


Prestressed Wall Panels

McAuley Feeds Prestressed Concrete PanelsBallymena Mart Prestressed Wall PanelsBallygalget GAA Balling Wall Prestressed Wall Panels Moore Concrete


Free Standing Retainer Walls

Ballyrashane Co-op Free Standing Retaning L Walls

Above Ground Slurry Store

Greenmount Above Ground Slurry StoreRob Gallagher Above Ground Slurry Store