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Water Channels & Road Gullies

We manufacture an extensive range of products suitable for the effective management of waste water on site. Our water channels and road gullies are suitable for both heavy duty and domestic use.

Water Channels

Through the use of water channels it is possible to redirect rain or waste water on site. Our water channels include both standard 6" x 2" and 6" x 3" and pressed channels are also available. Pressed Channels sizes are 10" x 5" and 10" x 10" Drainage Channel with a slotted top.

Road Gullies

We currently offer three main types of road gullies to suit your drainage requirements, including trapped, untrapped road gullies, and silt boxes. Trapped road gullies (round) eliminates odours through the use of a water seal , while untrapped road gullies (square) and silt boxes (18" each side) are suitable for use in the collection of surface water. The silt box comes with one hole tapped out and the remaining 3 can be tapped out too, if need be.


For further information on sizes and styles available please contact a member of our building sales team on 028 2565 2566, Option 2.

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